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Error when creating a new database

New Contributor

When trying to create a new database through the Metastore Manager, an error occurs.


This is the error that is displayed:


QueryServerException at /beeswax/create/database

 errorMessage='Error while compiling statement: FAILED: HiveAccessControlException Permission denied: user [......] does not have [USE] privilege on [default]


Access to the default database is not granted to users, but Hue insists on accessing the default database when creating a new database.


Could anyone help with a solution to this problem?


This means that your user does not belong to a group with the privileges to
query Hive

New Contributor

Is there a work around for this? Is there a way for users to create a new database without having to grant them full permissions? Hue shouldn't need to run queries on the default database when creating a new one, correct?

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