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Error while connecting to Hive in LInux

New Contributor

(ODBC_ERROR) [unixODBC][Hortonworks][ODBC] (10380) Unable to establish a connection with data source. Missing settings: {[Host] [Port]}


Rising Star

@Prameela Janardanan the error suggests that you are missing the host and port parts of the connection string. A properly formatted connection (using Beeline as an example) would look similar to this: beeline -u jdbc:hive2://localhost:10000/default -n scott -w password_file. The bolded parts are what you are receiving the error about, the connect string needs to contain the hostname of the server you are connecting to (localhost in the example) and the port number (10000 in this example, which is the default port for HiveServer2). Tf you find this post helpful, please don't forget to "accept" the answer.

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