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Error while running testbench for hive benchmarking

I am executing the file before running file to generate data for hive benchmarking.

The error after executing the command ./ :

Building TPC-DS Data Generator curl curl: (7) couldn't connect to host make: *** [] Error 7 TPC-DS Data Generator built, you can now use to generate data.

Please help in this regard.

Thanks in advance.


@pankaj singh

Can you please help me i this regard?

Thanks in advance

@Aishwarya Dixit,

Can you please try cloning this repo and run the (hive14 branch)

Also, please check that maven and gcc are installed. Make sure that you are able to ping If you are not able to ping then your firewall might be blocking it. You should disable your firewall in that case or allow this url to pass.



@Aditya Sirna

Hi Aditya,

Thanks for the answer. Both maven and gcc are installed. Is there any way I can build this and generate data without internet connection??? since the cluster I am using has no connection to internet.

Thanks in advance.

@Aishwarya Dixit,

I didn't try this out. But I guess you can run where you have internet connectivity build all the artifacts required. Copy them to the box where you need to run the and run the setup script. Make sure to use same java version in both the boxes.