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Excel Validation on the basis on some JSON?

New Contributor

I want to make a custom nifi processor which take Excel and one JSON and validate the excel by using JSON . But i am getting both the thing in different session so at the same time i don't have both to compare .How to do it i am not getting it. Some help will be a great help?


Why a Custom processor? Could you not convert the Excel file to CSV and use the ValidateCSV processor?

If you do want to make a custom processor, then I would suggest that you configure it to read in the json from a file path as a property based on the excel it is transforming. So you would have your processor read in the file 'MyExcel.xls', then pick up the appropriate JSON by looking for a file called MyExcel.json using the attribute ${filename}.json, the do the validation. There are many examples of processors which read a particular file from HDFS or the local filesystem based on an attribute, so perhaps you can start there.