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Execute Stored Procedure of MSSQL in Nifi

Execute Stored Procedure of MSSQL in Nifi

New Contributor

Hi ,

I am trying to configure nifi Execute Process to connect to MSSQL and execute the store procedure .

I followed this link where in @M. Mashayekhi has provided the steps how he connected to MSSQL and executed the Stored Procedure.

@Mashayekhi , I wanted to know how your execute process configuration screen looks like and also please let me know if any additional client tools are required to be installed so that I can execute the stored procedure.

Thank you.


Re: Execute Stored Procedure of MSSQL in Nifi

In addition to the approach (sqlplus with ExecuteProcess / ExecuteStreamCommand) mentioned in the other post, you could also connect via a scripting language using ExecuteScript, calling Connection.prepareCall() and such as described here. I have an example on how to interact with SQL using Groovy and ExecuteScript here.

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