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Extending Hortonworks Sandbox Docker version


I am currently playing with Docker version of Hortonworks Sandbox 3.0.1. I've done some work in order to provide persistency to the ambari configuration(backuping & restoring ambari database) and I am planning to extend it further to provide hdfs data persitency. However I can't see the scripts of Hortonworks Sandbox(, and nginx.conf) anywhere on GIthub. Is it legal to extend these scripts and publish my implementation on GitHub?


Hi @piosobc:

You probably have already noticed that there is no license notice in those specific source (Bourne shell) code files. That fact combined with the fact that they are not available in a public repository should give you pause. You should not assume this is a result of simple oversight.


If you're planning on making something you want to publish available in a public repository, I strongly recommend that you avoid "extending" these scripts, write your own scripts that do things the way you want them done, and proceed from there. If you want to be safe(-er), don't modify or redistribute those files. 


And if you're going to release your source code, don't repeat the mistake of the person or organization responsible for creating and releasing the three files you mentioned. Be thoughtful and explicit about the license and take appropriate action before you check your source code into a publicly-readable source code repository. 


Hope this helps. 



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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