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Extract Json key, run Sql function and insert result back into Json tree

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I have extracted below json from my executesql processor:

"Id" : "B2606868-F4BC-4230-9749-A083F6D222B2",
"ReminderPlan" : "-5d, -1d'",
"ModifiedOn" : "2024-01-03 19:56:59.0000000"
and I have several of these. The task at my hand is to extract the reminderplan value and pass it as an attribute to some sql processor and run a sql function on that reminderplan column value; for example: 

DECLARE @output varchar(255);
SET @output = NewDemo.dbo.StandardizeReminderPlan('-5d, -1d')
SELECT @output AS Result;

After storing output value in Result, I want to insert the function value back in the same json. Could anyone suggest which processors I should use to accomplish this?


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Any feedback would be appreciated. 


Hi @Kiranq ,

This a basic case of data enrichment and there are multiple ways how you can handle this. If for example instead of the function you have a table with a unique id then you can use LookupRecord with DatabaseRecordLookupService or even SimpleDatabaseLookupService . All you have to do here is basically specify the path where you want the new value to be inserted as dynamic property. However since you have a function instead of simple table\view , then the second option is to use ForkEnrich\JoinEnrich processors . The nice thing about those processors is that you have multiple strategies how you can join the data together as you can read here:


Let me know which one works for you better and let me know if you face any issues regarding using either.

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