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Extracttext from Json with multiple fields and ignore the other ones


I have json object that includes the below:
"z":"24 - ny"
and I would like to only target "x" value for "123" (numbers only) and the rest won't get picked up such as "z"
so the expected output would be {
"z":"24 - ny",

please note that the "z" value of "24" is not being picked up. "y" value is only being picked up from  x value. 

I already done the below 

Add new property in ExtractText processor 








Then use ReplaceText processor with below configs:

Search Value

Replacement Value
Character Set
Maximum Buffer Size
1 MB
Replacement Strategy
Literal Replace
Evaluation Mode
Entire text



Super Guru


Try with this regex in ExtractText processor.


This regex will extract only the digit in "x" key and adds that value for "y" key in ReplaceText processor.