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Extracttext processor multiple record handling


I am trying to load data from the below input to db.




My input is as shown below


i, John, $100


ii, Kevin, $150


iii, Steve, $200




Created getfile, ReplaceAttributes, Extracttext, Route to attributes, putsql flow




I have managed to parse fixed width file records and replaced with comma delimited values.  ExtractText processor with Enable Multiline Mode=true, Enable DOTALL Mode=true. After execution I see below in provenance event in attributes tab




line i


line.0 John


line.1 $100




Please advise how to load other two records which was not getting displayed in the attributes. 


Super Mentor



The more detail you can provide, the better we may be able to assist.

Are you using custom processors?  NiFi does not come with a ReplaceAttribute processor.

I am assuming your flow may actually be using:
GetFile (deprecated processor in favor of the listFile and FetchFile processors) --> UpdateAttribute --> ExtractText --> RouteOnAttribute --> putSQL

Can you share the configuration you are currently using on the above processors, so we can see what you are doing now?  Perhaps you only need a few tweaks to your current design.