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Facing problem in installing mrjob

New Contributor

After installing the pip..

Tried to run the --> pip install mrjob but facing this error.

tried pip install mrjob==0.5.11

Please help me to resolve this.capture.png


@Piyush Kadam,

What is the version of pip you are using. If your pip version > 10, then it doesn't support python 2.6. Make sure to upgrade python or install pip version < 10. Then try install the mrjob package.

pip --version


Please "Accept" the answer if this works.

New Contributor

@Aditya Sirna pip.pngpython.png

I tired upgrading python by using

yum install python33.. please correct me if I am wrong.

and tried to run the pip install mrjob... still not working.

Could you please tell me how to downgrade the pip or upgrade python..

New Contributor
when i try:
pip intall mrjob==0.5.11
it "No module named sysconfig" after looking for sysconfig in python2.6/site-packages.

How may I make it work with python3 ?

Any help is appreciate.

New Contributor


You need before install pathlib. 

pip install pathlib    (need to next step)


pip install mrjob 



New Contributor

Add this: need for mrjob error reading this config file as Json (without yaml library)

sudo yum install python-yaml (+ others before)

It's working on Python 2.X


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