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Failed to connect ssh during deploying Cloudbreak cluster using OpenStack

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I create a Cloudbreak cluster under OpenStack infrastructure. According to the wilzard, I specified public key (shown in security screenshot). But I observed in the cbreak.log that an error always happens:

/cbreak_cloudbreak_1 | 2018-04-13 20:00:59,316 [reactorDispatcher-71] checkStatus:40 INFO c.s.c.s.s.f.SshCheckerTask - [owner:53a37498-08c5-4df9-a8c4-382f706c4fcb] [type:STACK] [id:4] [name:test10] [flow:95002c4a-1af2-4923-9b09-4e7b6f5664cc] [tracking:] Failed to connect ssh: Exhausted available authentication methods

My doubt is: for CloudBreak Deployer, how does it know the private key in order to ssh the new cluster nodes? The user guide does not allow me to specify its path. Or have I missed something? Thank you all in advance.



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Hi @Binbin Hao

You don't have to specify a private key because Cloudbreak creates it's own for every cluster and only use it to temporarily start and configure the gateway services on the master node. After the gateway services has been started the key will be deleted and Cloudbreak communicates with the cluster through two-way SSL only.

Do you use your own image?

If not, could you please send the id of the image that was used to create the cluster?

The image id could be found on the details page of the cluster and clicking on the "IMAGE DETAILS" tab.