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Failed to install HDP 2.3 using ambari

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Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/stacks/HDP/2.0.6/hooks/before-INSTALL/scripts/", line 38, in <module>
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/libraries/script/", line 218, in execute
  File "/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/stacks/HDP/2.0.6/hooks/before-INSTALL/scripts/", line 34, in hook
  File "/var/lib/ambari-agent/cache/stacks/HDP/2.0.6/hooks/before-INSTALL/scripts/", line 87, in install_packages
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/", line 116, in __new__
    cls(name.pop(0), env, provider, **kwargs)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/", line 157, in __init__
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/", line 152, in run
    self.run_action(resource, action)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/", line 118, in run_action
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/providers/package/", line 45, in action_install
    self.install_package(package_name, self.resource.use_repos, self.resource.skip_repos)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/providers/package/", line 41, in install_package
    if use_repos or not self._check_existence(name):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/providers/package/", line 84, in _check_existence
    return self.yum_check_package_available(name)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/resource_management/core/providers/package/", line 69, in yum_check_package_available
    import yum # Python Yum API is much faster then other check methods. (even then "import rpm")
  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/site-packages/yum/", line 23, in <module>
    import rpm
ImportError: No module named rpm
stdout: /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/output-109.txt
2016-08-09 14:21:07,077 - Directory['/var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/AMBARI-artifacts/'] {'recursive': True}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,079 - File['/var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/AMBARI-artifacts//'] {'content': DownloadSource('http://Manager:8080/resources//')}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,079 - Not downloading the file from http://Manager:8080/resources//, because /var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/ already exists
2016-08-09 14:21:07,080 - Group['hadoop'] {'ignore_failures': False}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,080 - Group['users'] {'ignore_failures': False}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,081 - User['zookeeper'] {'gid': 'hadoop', 'ignore_failures': False, 'groups': ['hadoop']}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,082 - User['ams'] {'gid': 'hadoop', 'ignore_failures': False, 'groups': ['hadoop']}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,083 - User['ambari-qa'] {'gid': 'hadoop', 'ignore_failures': False, 'groups': ['users']}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,084 - User['hdfs'] {'gid': 'hadoop', 'ignore_failures': False, 'groups': ['hadoop']}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,085 - User['yarn'] {'gid': 'hadoop', 'ignore_failures': False, 'groups': ['hadoop']}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,086 - User['mapred'] {'gid': 'hadoop', 'ignore_failures': False, 'groups': ['hadoop']}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,087 - File['/var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/'] {'content': StaticFile(''), 'mode': 0555}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,088 - Execute['/var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/ ambari-qa /tmp/hadoop-ambari-qa,/tmp/hsperfdata_ambari-qa,/home/ambari-qa,/tmp/ambari-qa,/tmp/sqoop-ambari-qa'] {'not_if': '(test $(id -u ambari-qa) -gt 1000) || (false)'}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,093 - Skipping Execute['/var/lib/ambari-agent/data/tmp/ ambari-qa /tmp/hadoop-ambari-qa,/tmp/hsperfdata_ambari-qa,/home/ambari-qa,/tmp/ambari-qa,/tmp/sqoop-ambari-qa'] due to not_if
2016-08-09 14:21:07,094 - Group['hdfs'] {'ignore_failures': False}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,094 - User['hdfs'] {'ignore_failures': False, 'groups': ['hadoop', 'hdfs']}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,095 - Directory['/etc/hadoop'] {'mode': 0755}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,096 - Creating directory Directory['/etc/hadoop']
2016-08-09 14:21:07,158 - Repository['HDP-2.3'] {'base_url': 'http://manager/REDHAT/HDP/HDP/centos6/2.x/updates/', 'action': ['create'], 'components': ['HDP', 'main'], 'repo_template': '[{{repo_id}}]\nname={{repo_id}}\n{% if mirror_list %}mirrorlist={{mirror_list}}{% else %}baseurl={{base_url}}{% endif %}\n\npath=/\nenabled=1\ngpgcheck=0', 'repo_file_name': 'HDP', 'mirror_list': None}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,170 - File['/etc/yum.repos.d/HDP.repo'] {'content': InlineTemplate(...)}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,171 - Writing File['/etc/yum.repos.d/HDP.repo'] because it doesn't exist
2016-08-09 14:21:07,172 - Repository['HDP-UTILS-'] {'base_url': 'http://manager/REDHAT/HDP/HDP-UTILS-', 'action': ['create'], 'components': ['HDP-UTILS', 'main'], 'repo_template': '[{{repo_id}}]\nname={{repo_id}}\n{% if mirror_list %}mirrorlist={{mirror_list}}{% else %}baseurl={{base_url}}{% endif %}\n\npath=/\nenabled=1\ngpgcheck=0', 'repo_file_name': 'HDP-UTILS', 'mirror_list': None}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,176 - File['/etc/yum.repos.d/HDP-UTILS.repo'] {'content': InlineTemplate(...)}
2016-08-09 14:21:07,176 - Writing File['/etc/yum.repos.d/HDP-UTILS.repo'] because contents don't match
2016-08-09 14:21:07,177 - Package['unzip'] {}

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i found the solution , using redhat without register is the problem its limit you to install yum utilities package so i change de OS and install the yum utilities needed by python 2.6 and its work .

View solution in original post


Master Mentor

what is the version of Ambari are you using?

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Please help me


The error you're getting (ImportError: No module named rpm) is usually due to not having rpm-python installed. See the thread here for instructions on how to check and see if it is installed, and how to force a re-installation if necessary.

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i didnt find any answer here please give me a correct answer or ssh command to do this


Looks like you are missing the rpm-python package. If yum is working you can try re-installing rpm-python with yum. Alternatively, depending on the version of CentOS or RHEL that you are using, you can find the appropriate RPM in the OS archives. For example, CentOS 6 RPMs are here. Ctrl-f and search for rpm-python to find the package.

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im using REDHAT 6.8 can you give me from where can i download this package ?

Master Mentor

@Mourad Chahri can you run the following command

repoquery --requires --resolve ambari-agent | grep rpm-python

and also provide the version of ambari-agent and server you're running

rpm -qa | grep ambari

if you're missing rpm-python module then you can install it using

yum install rpm-python

I am curious though how you have agent running and missing this module?

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ok @Artem Ervits i will try tomorrow on the office

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when i execute :

repoquery --requires --resolve ambari-agent | grep rpm-python

i have this :

[root@Manager ~]# repoquery --requires --resolve ambari-agent | grep rpm-python Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/repoquery", line 34, in <module> import yum ImportError: No module named yum

[root@Manager ~]# rpm -qa | grep ambari ambari-agent-2.1.0-1470.x86_64 ambari-server-2.1.0-1470.x86_64 [root@Manager ~]# yum install rpm-python bash: /usr/bin/yum: /usr/bin/python2.6: bad interpreter: No such file or directory