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Failure to connect to HIVE using SQL Developer

New Contributor

I got the following error message when trying to connect to HIVE via Kerberos authentication. I have verified that the ticket issued by Kerberos is valid. Would really appreciate if someone can provide some insights into this problem. Thank you in advance!


Status : Failure -Test failed: [Cloudera][HiveJDBCDriver](500168) Error creating login context using ticket cache: Unable to obtain Principal Name for authentication .



Based on the error:

Unable to obtain Principal Name for authentication

This can happen when the JCE jars are not up to date on the client machine and not able to use the encryption key provided by Kerberos KDC.

The solution is to download the latest/appropriate jce jars and place them in directory $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security. The files are:


Please give it a try and see if it can be helpful.

New Contributor

I have the same issue with the latest SQL Developer which has bundled JDK. Use the latest version of Cloudera JDBC driver for today ( to be precise 4.1. Hive 3.1 goes as a component of HDP 3.1

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Has the clue provided below helped?

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