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Fetch delta of two different columns in one Flow


Hello everybody,


I´m starting my Flow with the Processor "QueryDatabaseTable" and set the Property "Maximum-value Columns" to fetch the Delta of new Rows after a first initial import.


Now I need to get the Delta of updated Rows too in the same Flow, but I can´t use the Processor "QueryDatabaseTable" again because there can´t be get a input Relationship.


Is there any solution to get 2 Delta checks in one single Flow?


Super Collaborator

What you describe seems to be more of a Job scheduling problem, rather than flow management.


If you want to solve this with Nifi, try to redesign. Perhaps you can change your design to be covered by two decoupled flows?


If that is not possible, you likely want to do job scheduling, this can be done with Oozie for instance. 

- Dennis Jaheruddin

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Currently it works with two decoupled Flows.

But you seen the problem of the scheduling, because if NiFi is going down for maintance and is started again the manual scheduling is cancelled and the two Flows starts at the same time.


It´s seems like it is not possible to work with Apache Oozie for this reason.
I need a solution to handle it in one Flow but thanks!