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FetchFile not forwarding new fetched files but only files received in previous flow.

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Attached is the workflow we are trying.
we have 3 files in the source directory.
- req.json
- a.csv
- b.csv
1. ListFile processor -> To get list of all the files in the source directory.
2. RouteOnAttribute -> Route req.json fle to left. a.csv and b.csv to right.
3. Notify -> when the req.json is received. notify it.
4. Wait -> waiting for req.json availabilty.
5. FetchFile -> on success of Wait, Fetch File a.csv.
6. PutFile -> write file req.json and a.csv to the target directory.
Now, the problem here is - FetchFile is forwarding only req.json and not a.csv. How can we resolve this? We want to write both the json and csv files in the target directory but only when the json file is available to us.

@jainN   Great looking flow.   The modification you need is to simply remove json route which is combined with csv.  Connect json route from Notify to FetchFile.   You may need to adjust the wait/notify so that csv is released when you want.   The wait/notify is often trickey, so i would recommend working with wait/notify until you understand their behavior.  Here is a good article:


You may find other articles/posts here if you do some deeper research on Wait/Notify.




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