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First Hadoop and your suggestions.

First Hadoop and your suggestions.

New Contributor

Dear community. 

   First sorry for my questions. I'm new in hadoop.


We want use free CDH 6.3.x Express editions.


Hardware info

  • 4 physical node in EXSI CLUSTER

CPU: 20 cores per node

RAM: 128GB per node (used by esxi estimated 3.2 GB)

HDD: 5.23 TB per node (Local attached storage)


Reference to VMWare Document.


I think below architect  (But as i understand it's not suitable for hd practice) 

  • Gateway(s) and Management Service -1 Qty
  • Masters - 3 Qty
  • Worker -1 Qty


If one cluster will be, consist from seven nodes.

Then for each VM machines

CPU- 8 Core

RAM: - 60 GB

HDD: - 400 GB (for / file system)

HDD for HDFS: - 423 GB  (for /data1)



P.S Then HDFS cluster will have only 1.2 TB  ????



Hardware questions:  What is your architect suggestions  ? How i can separate our HD for cluster ?



OS: In the official document suggest Centos 7.8 and Oracle Linux 7.6


We want use Oracle Linux. Can we you Oracle Linux 8.x edition


OS questions:   What is your OS Linux distributive suggestions ?


Thank you. 

Wait your responses.