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Fix Invalid JSON


Fix Invalid JSON

New Contributor

Hello - I have some JSON in flowfile content that I need to fix. I essentially have a string field with "Double Quotes" around it and I need to remove the ""Double Double Quotes"" that was created when I did an AttributeToJSON call. I am able to find the beginning and ending double double quotes using a Regex in ReplaceText, but I have not been able to replace the text in multiple instances. It replaces every instance with the first $1.

Here is my text

{"usb_cust_exception":"","process_flow_name":""ICS Pending Authorizations"","invoked-component-name":""Convert Record"","process_group_name":""Ingest Inbound Payload"","uuid":"1c661034-a999-41bd-ae51-4a8ceaffc13f","current_timestamp":"2019-02-04 14:14:11.638"}

When I call ReplaceText, I use


for Search and

${'$1':replace('""', '"')}

for Replace.

It works on the first one, but the rest it uses the same text. How do I incorporate $2, $3, $4, etc? I need it to look like this when I'm done:

{"usb_cust_exception":"","process_flow_name":"ICS Pending Authorizations","invoked-component-name":"Convert Record","process_group_name":"Ingest Inbound Payload","uuid":"1c661034-a999-41bd-ae51-4a8ceaffc13f","current_timestamp":"2019-02-04 14:14:11.638"}

Thanks in advance

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