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Flow file exceeded 1024 characters, how to getDelimitedField?

New Contributor

My text flow file is longer than 1024, I cannot get correct content when doing getDelimitedField. What can I do?


New Contributor

I can see the full content under data provenance> content tab, but under Attribute tab the 'content' and content.0 is showing fraction of my full content.

Super Guru

It sounds like you're trying to put the content of your flow file into an attribute in order to use getDelimitedField(). Instead you should keep it as content and use something like ExtractText to pull only the desired field into an attribute. Can you explain more about your use case and incoming data? Are you always getting the same field out?

Super Guru

I think you are using extract text processor to extract the content and keep as attribute to the flowfile

if yes then change


Maximum Buffer Size1 MBSpecifies the maximum amount of data to buffer (per file) in order to apply the regular expressions. Files larger than the specified maximum will not be fully evaluated.
Maximum Capture Group Length1024Specifies the maximum number of characters a given capture group value can have. Any characters beyond the max will be truncated.

These two property values as per your flowfile size.


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