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Flume set up in the the multinode cluster


Hi All,


We are planning to install and configure flume in our CDH 5.9 cluster.Wanted to know whether we can do single node installation or mulitple node installation is also possible.


And what will be advantage of multiple node installation over single node installation?


I am new to flume .


Please help me with this.






Expert Contributor

It depends on your application usecase. However its good to have multi-node flume agents for resiliency purposes.


For example:

Multinode/resiliency/loadbalancer, if you have more data coming in from the source, could scale up number of flume agents


  Flume agent 1 - Node 1

  Flume agent 2 - Node 2

  Load balancer/virtual IP(VIP) connecting Node 1 and Node 2


Happy Fluming !




Em Jay

Thank you for the inputs. Just a query we can install agents on datanodes right.
Please provide your inputs.

Super Collaborator
Correct, you can install flume agents on any node in the cluster.


Thank you for inputs. We can install one flume agent and later add more agents as per requirements right.