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Get SOAP data from SOAP webservice using Apache Nifi


I'm trying to create a dataflow in HDF to get the SOAP data from the web service, provided the WSDL.

can some one let me if there are any processors available in Apache Nifi do get this work done.




Thank you guys..!! Found the solution.

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@Rahul Reddy

You can use the Nifi-Soap processor in the below link:

Super Guru

@Timothy Spann Hi sir, i used this nifi-soap processor (GETSOAP), but i always get an error.

GetSOAP[id=63baafa9-0159-1000-e53d-5195bbfe3819] GetSOAP[id=63baafa9-0159-1000-e53d-5195bbfe3819] failed to process session due to java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.nifi.processors.soap.GetSOAP.getLogger()Lorg/apache/nifi/logging/ProcessorLog;: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.nifi.processors.soap.GetSOAP.getLogger()Lorg/apache/nifi/logging/ProcessorLog;

can you help me about this?

Super Guru

you need to build and deploy the custom soap processor to the lib directory and restart nifi

Thank you guys..!! Found the solution.

Great! Can you share it with the community?


I have used the Invoke Http processor as mentioned here:

it is working fine ..!!

@Rahul Reddy

Hi sir,

may i know where did you put the wsdl url in the http processor?

thank you.


@Eyad Garelnabi and @Rahul Reddy

I am also working on the SOAP with WSDL file to extract the SOAP response but not able to configure, could you share your process and configuration details so that i can make my one.

Also when i am trying to do using this post, I am not able to find the path nifi-soap-nar/target/nifi-soap-nar-0.0.1.nar and file in Github. I am using the windows 7, can help how to install and configuration

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