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Get a list of redis cache keys

Rising Star

Hi there ,

We are looking for a way to list all keys of redis cache thru nifi. The best solution we found was a groovy script from this article Get list of keys in NiFi DistributedMapCache 

The script looks good and exactly what we are looking for. But when we try to implement it, we get the following error:


We are using the invokescriptprocessor and configure like this


What are we missing here 😉 Or another solutions is also more than welcome.

Thank you in advanced.

Kind regards,



Community Manager

@mburgess @SAMSAL Hi! Do you have any insights here? Thanks!


Diana Torres,
Community Moderator

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Master Guru

The post you linked to has the command-line version of the Groovy script, it's based on my blog post at: You can put that code in your ExecuteScript (or InvokeScriptedProcessor in the onTrigger()). It might need slight alterations but should be pretty close. If you want to write them to a FlowFile you'll have to add that to the script as well.

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Hi there @mburgess thank you for your reply. Let play around with your solution and see if i can get it working and write the output to a flowfile 🤓