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Get attribute from ListenHTTP request processor

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I've a flow whose input is a ListenHTTP processor. When this processor receives a request, I'd like to get the "" attribute from it. I've seen this attribute here: Could anyone tell me it this is possible? Is there any method like getAttribute to achieve this?




What format is the data coming out of listenHttp? Maybe show an example.


Based on that data you will need to use an appropriate processor. For example; evaluatejson if json.  Other types like text, csv, Avro, xml, parquet, etc have their own procs and readers.


To get existing attributes saved as a new name you use UpdateAttribute, or to use them in downstream procs you access the attributes as follows:




i recommend to list the queue and view the attributes then copy the name you want into the ${attribute} syntax.

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Hi Steven, 


The next processor I'm using is EvaluateJSONPath

Captura de pantalla 2020-01-12 a las 20.03.58.png

For evaluate json you click the + and make a new attribute name:




in the value you enter:



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