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Getting issue while creating environment from CDP to GCP

New Contributor

Hello ,

While creating env from CDP and having GCP as public cloud i have facing issues like Datalake creation failed . Kindly find the error message as below -

Provisioning Failed
Datalake creation failed. Database operation failed testing statusReason: Invalid request: Incorrect Service Networking config for instance: rak-innoeye-dev:dbsvr-f47a7429-1b0d-4e79-9ae3-eb5c408e238c:NETWORK_NOT_PEERED.: [ resourceType: GCP_DATABASE, resourceName: dbsvr-f47a7429-1b0d-4e79-9ae3-eb5c408e238c ]




Status: Creation Failed
FreeIpa creation operation failed. Reason: 'The Control Plane was not able to establish the connection with the gateway instance. This means that the reverse SSH tunnel (autossh process) running on this instance could not connect to the Cloudera server. Please check your connection and proxy settings and make sure the instance can reach * Refer to Cloudera documentation at


Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) - Questions & Answers @CDP-GCP


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Seems like your environment creation is failing at the point where it uses CCM. When you are creating CDP environment you will have an option to use Cluster connectivity Manager where you will only use private subnets and private outbound access to our CDP control plane.

Just go through these documentations

If you are testing using public subnets and public end points for GCP dont use CCM while registering