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Getting "no reply to host" error after mkdir call with local parameters

New Contributor

hadoop fs -mkdir /user/hadoop gets this:

mkdir: No Route to Host from to failed on socket timeout exception

etc/hosts looks like this: localhost.localdomain localhost sandbox

How do I fix this?


@Dave Babbitt

HDFS is down. Make sure that you bring up HDFS, Mapreduce, Yarn and Zookeeper in your cluster.

Login to ambari and hit start on those services

New Contributor

Going to gets an ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED - how do I login to ambari?

@Dave Babbitt

Login to the vm

ambari-server status

if down then ambari-server start ambari port is 8080

New Contributor

@Neeraj Sabharwal

Ambari Server running

Found Ambari Server PID: 2051 at: /var/run/ambari-server/

@Dave Babbitt

ssh to the host

ssh -P 2222 root@

restart host

sudo reboot

when it restarts, wait a few min then login to on your host using your favorite browser

check all services, if still down, start all using Ambari. Then for good measure run service checks. If still having issues, re-import your VM.