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Getting the Error While describing the kafka consumer group .


Hi All,

I am trying to describe the Kafka Consumer group by the below command .

bin/ --new-consumer --bootstrap-server broker1:9092,broker2:9092 --describe --group console-consumer-44261 --command-config conf/security_user_created

But I am getting an error as

Consumer group `console-consumer-44261` does not exist or is rebalancing.

I have checked the zookeeper , the consumer group exist and I am always getting this error .

Could some point out me here , what mistake I am making here .

Kakfa version I am using is 0.9 .

Thanks in advance ,




@Param NC From command I can see that you are using --new-consumer to describe consumer group. When new consumer is used it tries to fetch consumer group info from consumer offset topics which gets created in kafka log directory.

Try using --zookeeper instead of --new-consumer, for eg :

$ /usr/bin/ --zookeeper <zookeeper-hostname>:2181 --describe --group <consumer-group>
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