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Grafana - Invalid Basic Auth Header: Invalid basic auth header

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Everytime I try to access Grafana and/or browse through it, I see below error in "grafana.log":

2017/02/10 15:14:14 [middleware.go:145 initContextWithBasicAuth()] [E] Invalid Basic Auth Header: Invalid basic auth header
2017/02/10 15:14:14 [I] Completed admin "GET /api/datasources/proxy/1/ws/v1/timeline/metrics HTTP/1.1" 401 Unauthorized 39 bytes in 43us

If I make "auth.basc=false" I'm getting below error:

Connecting (POST) to
Http response: 403 Forbidden
Http data: {"message":"Permission denied"}
Ambari Metrics Grafana data source creation failed.

It's a new install on HDP stack: with Kerberos and SPNEGO is enabled

I had such issue with HDP 2.3.4 but the suggested workaround is not working with


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@Aravindan Vijayan,

please help...

Super Guru

@P D

It is probably related to

Good link: to monitor community issues with Grafana.

The only Grafana Community tickets that are close to yours:

Later was closed prematurely. If you could document your issue a little bit more, you could also post the question on grafana community.

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Yes it seems to be related. I'll keep eyes on it. Actually, I've just opened a case with Hortonworks too.