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Grant Hive wildcard tablename* to Sentry role


Grant Hive wildcard tablename* to Sentry role

Expert Contributor

Hello Sentry experts,



I am trying to give access to a set of Hive tables within a database with a specific prefix say to my_table1, my_table2, my_table3 etc.


For example I gave the below privilege to a role myrole:

server=server1 db=mydb table=my* action=ALL


However the wildcard doesnt work. I need to specifiy the tables explicitly like:

server=server1 db=mydb table=my_table1 action=ALL

server=server1 db=mydb table=my_table2 action=ALL

It is pain if we have lots of tables and new tables wont get the permission automatically. How can this tablename*  wildcard be possible in Sentry. We use CDH 5.16 with kerberos.