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Guava dependency issue on HDP 2.5 Sandbox, with Storm 1.0.1

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I am facing the classic storm compatibility issue here with a demo. There is a java file here thats doing

" import org.apache.storm.guava.collect.Lists;"

With the new 2.5 Sandbox, Storm version is When i am compiling the code by running 'mvn clean package', i am running into compilation and build errors, as you can see in the image attached. I also attached the pom.xml file. Its complaining about guava dependencies, that are shaded in the new storm release. Please help to resolve the dependency issue.




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Super Guru

Super Guru

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@Timothy Spann yes that code was written for storm 0.10. Now I am trying to test that for 1.0.1. Updated the Pom with necessary storm and Kafka versions and added guava dependency as suggested in the above link. Still I am getting build errors