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Guideline for the NIFI C2 (command and control) server

Cloudera Employee

Hi all

Has anyone already successfully installed the NIFI C2 (command and control) server?

I try a simple setup with one gateway server ( // where all IoT devices can connect. The Gateway server is build on Centos 7

I was following the great blog post from Abdelkrim Hadjidj ( but struggling with the C2 verification via browser.

Installing and configuring the NiFi Server:

C2 Server start successfully with default config on port 10080 but don't return the example files. Even if I copy the sample file directly under ./files. File name = config.text.yml.v1

Any Idea?


New Contributor


The below work around might help you,

create a class name directory(test, as per your class name mentioned the url) inside ./files directory, the path should be ./files/test and place the config.text.yml.v1 and provide the necessary permissions and restart the C2C server and validate the url. Hope this works for you.

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