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HADOOP_CONF_DIR may be incomplete


After deploying an instance of the CDSW and starting to play with the sample project, we've encountered an error while trying to interact with the underlying HDFS as described in the docs:


2019-10-28 13_32_54-Untitled Session · stemper _ Sample · Cloudera Data Science Workbench.png

We know it is possible to set and save the environment variables on a project basis, but the same issue occurred nonetheless. Anyone encountered this before or knows how to resolve it?


New Contributor

Hi, I have the same issue when testing on CDH 6.2.0 /w CDSW 1.6.0.

It appears that the cluster does not like having multiple paths to be defined for HADOOP_CONF_DIR.

Any way to fix this without having to set the environment variable on project basis?



Hi, I can confirm that setting the env variable HADOOP_CONF_DIR to only /etc/hadoop/conf in the project settings resolves the issue with CDH 1.5 and CDSW 1.6.1. However, as @Finn points out, this works only on a project basis, and fixing this for the entire workbench seems preferable.