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HBase Master - not redirecting requests to ZooKeeper worker nodes

New Contributor

Hello, I am new here, need some help I Have CDP5 with 2 masters and 3 nodes, one of the masters is trying to get HBase DS tables and schemas, when doing from Workers all good but when trying to get from master it goes to localhost:2181 and not creating a job for Zookeeper workers, at least after 3 tries giving error of refused exception, I don't understand why master behave like that and why I cannot get data from Master, looks zookeeper is not working on it?


From Cloudera Manager all the Hosts and instances are green and shown great.

SSH connect to the master, or workers the terminal master, $ shell:
HBase shell


describe and all the commands working great, but when trying to do connection and get from outside to master getting the error.


checked hbase-site.xml and all the zookeeper nodes are there like internal ip hosts. what else I may check?


Cloudera Employee

If the job is trying to connect to localhost:2181, it means it is trying to connect to zookeeper on this host and having issues, check whether the host on which this error is coming contains zookeeper host or not or else try to install Hbase gateway role on that host.


The Master nodes firstly are not meant for launching tasks or interaction. 

Edge or gateway nodes are used to run client applications and cluster administration tools. Setup of Edge/gateway node is similar to any Hadoop node except no Hadoop cluster services runs on the GW/Edge nodes they are mere entry points and connection gateway to the Master Components like HDFS (NN) HBASE etc provide you have installed the client libraries.


In your case, I am sure you have the Hbase client/gateway roles on the 3 nodes and not on the master noded. The HBase client role gives the connectivity to Hbase but again I don't see why you would like to connect /initiate the HBase shell from the master node?


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