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HBase User Impersonation


HBase User Impersonation

New Contributor

I have a program for bulk loading of data to HBase using creation of HFile , for which I have used configureIncrementalLoad () of HFileOutputFormat2 . But , this HFile is created using 'hbase' user, I want this user to be actual user , who is running the java program.

Any suggestions on it ? I have researched about hadoop.proxyusers.hbase related properties, but little confused regarding the same.


Re: HBase User Impersonation

I would be very surprised to hear that the file is initially created on HDFS as any user other than the one running your process.

How did you launch your program and what user were you when you ran it? Can you please share the details on the output of this program and the permissions/location you see on the HFiles?