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HBase and Avro


Does HBase utilize a schema registry like that of Kafka (Confluent)?  Otherwise, when using Avro in HBase are you storing the schema in every cell/row to describe the Avro object withion it?



Hi stumilius,

We have a blogpost about storing Avro data inside HBase tables. In short, HBase does not know about the avro content, treats it as binary blob. The client which is reading/writing the data has to deal with the avro schemas, after HBase delivered the raw data to it.


Thanks for your reply.

I understand the issue you mentioned about HBase not knowing or caring about the Avro content. What I'm trying to learn is how to create Avro objects without having to use the Avro write/read functions. Basically I want to:

* Load content into variables (var1 = schema + data)
* HBase put table, var1, var2, etc.
Thanks again