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HDCloud CLI version 1.16.2: unable to set server config in windows, ERROR: mkdir I:\: The system cannot find the file specified

New Contributor

Hi at all,

I've downloaded the hdc_cli.exe for Windows from hdcloud cloud controller GUI and installed it correctly on Windows. HDC CLI version: hdc --version 1.16.2-2017-07-19T16:26:36 When I want to configure the server for hdcloud I get the following exception:

command: .\hdc configure --server <server-id> --username <username> --password <password>
exception: ERROR: mkdir I:\: The system cannot find the file specified

I think this error appears because the hdc cli expect a unix file system for file creation but gets a windows file system (see red in attachment).The help description of tells that the config will be stored in "I:\/hdc/confi". But in Windows file system the directory path need to be "I:\hdc\config". Therefore the config file can't be create in the hdc directory.

Therefore, is there an option to:
* download an existing config file and add my own config details to this file and paste it into the hdc directory? If yes, where I can get it, I didn't find an example config file in the web yet.
* change the expected path structure in the hdc_cli.exe file? If yes, how?
Or is there a completly different option to configure the server in the hdc cli?

I hope you can help me. Maybe you know a case where somebody already created or used the aws cli configurartion in Windows. That would really help me.

Thanks in advance.



@angela lukas

You are right, this seems to be a bug in that version. Even if you place a config file, it might happen that the CLI could not read that because of this issue.

May I ask if you have a specific use-case to use HDC over Cloudbreak? The latter has a CLI, supports AWS and supersets HDC from a feature perspective.

Hope this helps!