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HDF Version Definition File

Expert Contributor

Hi @here,

I'm trying to install HDF cluster via ambari, but, I'm stucked with VDF file for HDF.. Does HDF have a "Version Definition File" just like with HDP?




Hi @Michael Dennis "MD" Uanang

Yes it does. Which HDF version VDF are you looking for?

Expert Contributor

Expert Contributor

Just got what I'm looking for... 🙂

Thanks for the quick response.


Hi @Michael Dennis "MD" Uanang

I have similar issue where i can't find VDF file for HDF 3.1.0 version for SLES12 Operating system

Can you please help me to find VDF file ? My Goal is to upgrade the HDF version to 3.1.0 from 3..0.2.

Basically i have two separate clusters - HDP and HDF. Each clusters is managed by Ambari (one Ambari to manage HDF and another Ambari to manage HDP)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

In the Versions tab in Ambari of HDF cluster, i clicked on "Register version"


In the drop down > Select "Add Version"

I will get a popup to upload VDF file as show below:



VDF file for HDF 3.1. for SLES12 is not available in HDF 3.1 release notes

Appreciate help to get me the VDF file for HDF 3.1. for SLES12



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