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HDF cluster best practice - min 3 node ?


We are planning to setup HDF component and mainly use NIFI. We tend to follow some suggestion to have seperate cluster from existing HDP. But, it seems we will need a minimume 3 node for HDF also to have a valid zookeeper setup.

So far, we don't expect heavy data flow yet and hesitate to make this investement.

What is the best practise here for 'small' setup, for example:

- Can HDF be setup on single server ?

- Can HDF be managed under HDP together ?




@Allen Niu

Starting from Ambari 2.5 you can deploy HDF services on HDP cluster :

You can add hosts to your HDP cluster and dedicate them to NiFi using HDP Ambari/Ranger to administer/secure the whole.

Using a single server for HDF is a bad idea. You loose high availability and load distribution.

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