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HDF startup issue


Hello Experts,

I have an Hortonworks Data Flow cluster managed by Ambari and include the following services:

 1- Zookeeper.

 2- NIFI.

 3- Kafka.

 4- Storm.

naturlish, that the zookeeper is the spinal cord of the rest of the puzzle pieces, when I tried to start it I got the following error when I started the zookeeper node, and of course, my cluster won't be up until I solve this   I guess because of changing the Horton works binaries public links. 


RuntimeError: Failed to execute command '/usr/bin/yum -y install zookeeper_3_4_1_1_4-server', exited with code '1', message: ' [Errno 14] HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden Trying other mirror.


can anyone help me with this

Appreciated in advance.



Hi @M_Shash 

You didn't indicate how/where you downloaded and installed the software you used to originally establish your "Hortonworks Data Flow cluster managed by Ambari" from, but your installation of Ambari probably isn't set up to supply the authentication credentials. As you've indicated you are aware, earlier this year Cloudera announced new versions of Ambari which have the ability to access Cloudera’s private repositories for HDP/HDF installation and upgrade. Please see the announcement here: Transition to private repositories for CDH, HDP and HDF.


The same announcement has extensive links to documentation on installing/upgrading HDF using Cloudera’s private repository.


If this is for a new cluster, you should seriously consider upgrading to 3.5.2. HDF 3.5.2 is the last version of HDF that Cloudera will provide, and Cloudera requires customers to be on HDF 3.5.1 or HDF 3.5.2 before migrating to CFM on CDP.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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thanks a lot for your quick reply, it is an old cluster that used the Ambari to provision the services using the public repos.

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