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HDFS Upgrade finalized state. HDFS cluster is not finalized.. (while upgrade)


Currently i am facing an issue while upgrading hortonworks stack (from 2.6.5 to 3.0.0). I get an error HDFS cluster is not finalised yet. screen-shot-2018-08-14-at-121041-pm.png..

HDP upgrade process is stuck as well. Dismiss button is not functional too. Can some one recommend what to look for?



Hi @Pankaj Singh ,

You need to click on upgrade on process,

See each subtask and what is failed.

Analyse those subtasks error/output.txt

and try to rectify the same.

You will have the option to retry each task and you can retry those tasks once you rectify the errors.

Mostly by searching this community thread you will be able to find solutions for issues you are facing.

Hope this helps.

If you cant please post the relevant error logs of subprocess pending.

Hope this helps you