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HDFS Write error

New Contributor

Hi all,


i'm facing an error trying to put some file in my dfs.


[FATAL]: test_hadoop.test_input_hdfs_0_1.test_input_hdfs - tHDFSPut_1 Operation category WRITE is not supported in state standby


If my understanding is good : i'm using the standby instance, which is read only ?





New Contributor


it looks like if you are trying to contact a namenode in stand-by mode. Maybe you have a cluster on HA configuration? in that case the cluster has two namenodes (an active one and another one in stand-by mode).
Be sure that the namenode DSN is the active one in the request




To check if a namenode is active, you can check the list of namenode and their status in CDH manager under HDFS istances or, if you know the namenode's DNS, reading the information on webpage




You should have a sentence like


Overview '<namenode>:8020' (active)


for the active one.


Best regards

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