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HDFS connectivity for Nifi

New Contributor

 Hi Team ,

I have nifi installed on server 1 and my hadoop  edgenode is on server 2 . How can I access hdfs from nifi . Is there any prerequisite required for it.




Expert Contributor

To connect from NIFI to HDFS , all the HDFS processors in NIFI require local/updated copy of hdfs-site.xml & core-site.xml on nifi host and those files needs to be called under processor config property "Hadoop Configuration Resources" , using these two files configs nifi *hdfs processors will understand hdfs cluster details, its security config and based on that further property will be used such as Kerberos authentication.

New Contributor

@ckumar  : Thank you for the reply . Could you please help me out on how to setup 

Kerberos Credentials Service . Will this Kerberos service be used to connect to edge node from my nifi cluster
I am getting the following error
Incompatible Controller Service Configured
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