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HDFS file permission issue


Hi there,

I have created a directory /tmp/ran-test with access permission(400) in HDFS. I tried to copy a file to the directory and got permission denied error. But, my colleague could able to copy files to the directory without any error. I am wondering now how it works. I would appreciate if somebody give their explanation.

For your information, We are using Active Directory. Thanks, Jee


@Jeeva Jeeva

Please check the ACLs on that particular directory or if you are using Ranger, please check the HDFS-Ranger policies on that particular directory. Command to check the ACLs:

hdfs dfs -getfacl -R /tmp/

Hope this link might helps you more:


Hi SBandaru,

Thanks for your time to reply. The ACL has been disabled.

getfacl: The ACL operation has been rejected. Support for ACLs has been disabled by setting dfs.namenode.acls.enabled to false.

Is there a way to what are the members in Admin group in Active dircectory? For instance, what should be given for groupName in search filter like dc=xxxxxx and group=what?

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