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HDP 2.6 cluster OS upgrade - Ubuntu



I have a 4 node dev cluster which was recently upgraded to It is running on Ubuntu 14.

I want to upgrade the underlying OS to 16.04.4.

What are the right steps to achieve this?

I am thinking on the following lines:

1. Pick one server at a time

2. Switch on maintenance mode and stop all services

3. run 'do-release-upgrade' command to do release upgrade

4. start all the services on the server

Once all the servers are done, perform the version upgrade from Ambari UI for Ubuntu 16.

Is this the right approach? Kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance as usual.



@M B

Our documentation covers 2 different approaches: In-Place & Restore and Move & Decom

You can read more about them here:


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Thanks Felix, almost there, although we have a small cluster but In-Place & Restore options suits us (set up with best practice in mind -:). Also a silly question: Where in Ambari UI is Ambari "Recover Host" functionality? We are using Ambari



@M B as @Sandeep Nemuri indicated this option seems to be available from ambari 2.6 and above. So you will have to see if possible to upgrade ambari first to try in-place & restore. Let me know if you have any followup question related. Else, if you are satisfied with the answer please remember to login and mark the answer as accepted.

@M B Recover option is only available from Ambari 2.6 and above.

@Sandeep Nemuri

Thanks for swift reply.

Is it OK if I also upgrade the underlying OS of Ambari host first followed by Ambari upgrade OR do the OS upgrade separately after Ambari is upgraded to

@M B, Anything should be fine. Please proceed as per your feasibility.

Make sure to take the necessary backups of Ambari. Ref:

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