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HDP AND HDF Twitter Sentiment Analysis Application


I have downloaded HDP and set environment for both HDP and HDF and conneced them through the CDA (Connected Data Architecture.) I am however not able to open the Ambari Server for HDP and HDF at the same time. Although I have mapped the IP by going to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and then mapped it like this: localhost
I did what the Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tutorial mentioned.
The problem is that when i try to open the Splash Screen by writing either or, nothing happens, however, splash screen for only HDP opens when i use IP address instead. I don't know how to open the Ambari server for both HDP and HDF simultaneously. Can anybody help please.  


HiI @Kamran1993


I'm going to assume that the Twitter Sentiment Analysis tutorial you mentioned is the one on the Cloudera tutorial site here:


…it isn't clear to me that you can actually use the port number you are using in the URLs that you say you are using. If you revisit the section headed Verify Prerequisites Have Been Covered you can see that it says to use the port 8080 for accessing the Ambari admin Dashboard.


Also, even if this turns out to be "the problem" (i.e., you were using the wrong port number), I strongly encourage you to review the Enable Connected Data Architecture (CDA) - Advanced Topic section of the Sandbox Deployment and Install Guide. The most common cause of problems folks who are new to HDP have when they attempt this tutorial is that they don't have enough memory dedicated to the virtual machine.



Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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Thank you for your response. When i use or nothing happens but when i put the IP address: in my case 192.18.*.***:8080 either HDF or HDP opens but not both. In my case I require both to open. Secondly, i have allocated around 12 GB of RAM for the VMware, however, accordingly to the Tutorial, the Prerequisite for Enabling Connected Data Architecture (CDA) is: 

  • A computer with minimum 22 GB of RAM dedicated to the virtual machine
  • Have already deployed the latest HDP/HDF sandbox
  • Update virtual machine settings to minimum 22 GB (22528 MB)

I can't spare more memory then 14.5 GB because I have a total RAM of 16 GB only. 


Do you think this is the reason? I can't increase the RAM either because it is the maximum capacity of my computer. Is there some other way out please? Awaiting your guidance. 


Let's say low Memory is the problem. But the Ambari server does not open on this link: or when i attempt using only HDP or HDF alone even when i am not attempting to use the Connected Data Architecture, except when i put the IP address instead of the links above.

RE: "when i put the IP address: in my case 192.18.*.***:8080 either HDF or HDP "

You can't have both hosts mapped to the same IP and expect ambari to come up on both hosts with the same port (impossible) localhost


I would recommend a different IP for each host.  You can also change port for HDF or HDP, in its so they are not on same port, but running both in same node is a challenge for resources.  


Also, if you are having issues with ambari loading on full fqdn (and the ip works), you should confirm the configs are setup using the fqdn and not "localhost" or the local ip (


ip.PNGAccording to this one can use both to map on the same IP. Moreover, how can i use more then one IP as Sandbox provides only one IP when i install it


Yes, it opens when i use IP. How to setup the configurations to use fqdn please?

Can you please help me with setting up the fqdn please. I don't know where
to set it up

@Kamran1993 I took a look at the documentation you referenced.   I think that the documentation is showing you how to setup hdp or hdf.  Not both.   


In my reply above I am referencing only what I see is the problem to get you moved forward.   I am not directly familiar with that sandbox, but I am familiar with what you need to do go get HDP and HDF to work.   In your above posts you are having problems with both HDP & HDF ambari trying to access same port on same node.   Even if you change the ambari configuration port for HDF (for example 8081), other services' ports will still conflict on the same node.    I also notice above you mention 22gb ram and only having 16gb available.   I do not think this is an issue but as I said before its hard to run HDP and HDF on same node.  


Can you make two 8 gb VMs and use 1 for HDP and 1 for HDF?


Trying to get them both running on same machine will be a bigger challenge than the twitter tutorial.

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