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HDP Cluster - Active Directory Crashed

New Contributor

I have an Kerberized HDP Cluster 2.6.4 integrated with Active Directory using Ranger LDAP and KNOX-LDAP. Typical lab environment in which AD has crashed with no way to recover so all the AD/Kerberos integration is gone.

Question: What is the best way to recover without rebuilding the HDP cluster?





@Rick Snell

Can you explain the components of your cluster? Where is the Kerberos running on the Linux box or you were using the ADas kdc?

Can your components cluster running?

New Contributor


My cluster continues to run with cached credentials from AD but issues with Ranger since AD is gone. I was using AD as the KDC for the entire cluster. It is a 7 node cluster which is completely Kerberized with main Ambari infrastructure node + dual masternodes for HA namenodes + 3 worker nodes + 1 edge node with Ranger/Knox/Zeppelin installed.


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