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HDP Sandbox Tutorial Query Never Completes


HDP Sandbox Tutorial Query Never Completes


I'm following this tutorial:


I've installed HDP Sandbox 3.0.1 using Docker. Docker is running on a machine with 8 cores and 32Gb of RAM.


One of the queries in the tutorial is as follows: 

SELECT truckid, avg(mpg) avgmpg FROM truckmileage GROUP BY truckid;

After an hour, this query has still not completed. These datasets are not very big, and this performance is so bad that the product is basically unusable. How can I fix this?




Re: HDP Sandbox Tutorial Query Never Completes

New Contributor

Did you ever find an answer to this? I'm stuck on this query too. I found that increasing many tuning parameters to their recommended values made performance on the steps prior to this workable, but this one is just impossible to run. 


My resources: VMWare Workstation Player, 8 cores, 56GB RAM, NVMe SSD storage, real hardware is 2x8 core Sandy Bridge Xeon processors. I can't imagine what people trying to run on the default configuration are seeing, that was completely unusable and unstable.

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