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HDP-Search Kerberos


I am looking for step-by-step procedure to setup Kerberos for Solr that is installed externally i.e. HDP Search. I couldn't find any security related information on HDP-Search documentation -

However, under the security documentation there is a section for enabling Kerberos for SolrCloud -

Can we follow the same documentation to setup Kerberos for HDPSearch as well? I was wondering whether the process has been made more simpler for HDPSearch through Ambari, similar to kerberos setup for other HDP components?




@Greenhorn Techie

Unfortunately the HDP kerberos setup can not be used for external components not managed by Ambari. Here is a link that should help you do that, the process is the same only that this is done manually enabling Kerberos Authentication for Solr Search or Apache Solr: Issues


Thanks @Geoffrey Shelton Okot for the response. We are planning to use HDP-Search, which is an add-on module for SolrCloud. Using HDPSearch allows us to install and manage Solr through Ambari. So I am wondering that Ambari should be able to Kerberise Solr nodes as well, just like other services it allows.

If not for these basic services managed through Ambari, what is the exact benefit of HDPSearch if at all someone purchases HDP-Search support license from Hortonworks?

Also, I am unable to find any documentation on monitoring support for Solr using Ambari Metrics Service. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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