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HDP Spark HBase Connector

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Is there any documentation available on HDP Spark HBase connector?


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I found the documentation (not on HDP at this time)

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I am looking for the same information. Can someone also share the following pieces of information

  • Sample code using Spark HBase Connector
  • Link to latest documentation
  • Is this GA yet?


Spark HBase is in technical preview with Spark 1.6.1 and HDP 2.4.2.

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I found the documentation (not on HDP at this time)

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has anyone written a demo or app on this one?

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Is this technical preview of "Spark HBase Connector" available on latest Sandbox? I believe latest Sandbox is 2.4.0 and technical preview available on 2.4.2? And Github documentation steps to be followed to get this working?

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Thanks Sandeep. I will check it out!

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check hdp 2.5

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Is the spark hbase connector GA in HDP 2.5.3 ?

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Yes. For Spark 1.6 it is GA in HDP 2.5.3. The documentation is available from the Github site for a given SHC release tag. That is the source of truth.

I try to use in HDP 2.4.0 and cannot run the samples files. I have a Cluster HDP 2.4

mvn clean package test

Cause: Address already in use

at Method) at


[INFO] HBase Spark Connector Project Parent POM ........... SUCCESS [ 1.542 s] [INFO] HBase Spark Connector Project Core ................. FAILURE [01:04 min] [INFO] HBase Spark Connector Project Examples ............. SKIPPED

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is there a way to use the connector offline? is the connector included in HDP 2.6?

that is without using --repositories

i am developing in a closed offline environment and cannot download from the internet the connector...

if not, can anyone provide another way of pyspark-hbase connection?


hi i'm using python pyspark,

is there a way to run spark-submit offline?

that is without using --repositories

is the connector included in HDP 2.6?

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I am in the exact same configuration (no way to reach internet from our cluster...), did you find any other option to make it run ?

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