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HDP Tutorial 2.6 #build-charts-using-zeppelin %jdbc(hive) problem

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I am walking through HDP Tutorial 2 (hadoop-tutorial-getting-started-with-hdp), Section 6 (data-reporting-with-zeppelin), and I am having trouble getting the query in step 8 (build-charts-using-zeppelin) to finish:

SELECT a.driverid, a.riskfactor,, b.state
FROM riskfactor a, geolocation b where a.driverid=b.driverid

Zeppelin can start and finish both of the following queries quickly and easily:

SELECT, b.state FROM geolocation b
SELECT a.driverid, a.riskfactor FROM riskfactor a

However, I have been running the select from geolocation and riskfactor for over 24 hours, and it still has not completed. I'm running the HDP Sandbox in VMware Workstation on a Dell ultrabook with a 2.3Ghz i5 proc and 16GB RAM. Any ideas why this query isn't completing?



Same issue; I am running the HDP Sandbox in Virtual Box using 16GM RAM.

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I expect an java out of memory error.

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and Even though enough mem resource in my server(128GB Ram),

We see the message "Output is truncated to 1000 rows. Learn more about common.max_count"

because of zeppelin configuration.