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HDP and Ambari patches


I have seen repos and binaries for major releases but where can we find binaries/repo for the patches

For example, say we find an issue with the ambari-metrics group of rpm’s. Where would I find an example of a patch to update the software contained in ambari-metrics.

Another example: Say there is a bug in HDFS. Where would I find an example patch for the HDP version of HDFS (one that doesn’t include the entire distribution of HDP, but only updates that specific version of HDFS)?



One more follow-up question: Customer has to download the patched files from git-hub and upload them on to their cluster? do we have any instructions per patch or generic level for them to follow?

@rbalam Details "will" be in the ticket. I highly recommend to wait for the final version before you make/apply changes in prod.

Sandbox is fine


@Neeraj Sabharwal

I also asked the customer to wait for the full version but they would like to know the process if they need to apply a patch for any reason.

I tried to look for source code in the git hub but Some of the links that are present in the details section are broken for example .. for, i tried to get the code but there seems to be no link working ..

Is there a place i need to look for the actual source for any given patch?

New Contributor

We are also stuck in a similar issue while installing server Centos 7. The error pops when we execute ambari-server setup command. How to apply this patch?

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