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HDP install in AWS VPC, on custom AMI -- feasibility question.

New Contributor

Hi there, questions for the cloud/HDP experts please...

- I'm looking to provision HDP clusters in an AWS VPC, on Custom Hardened AMI's. Understand from the link below

that Cloudbreak w/custom AMI requires support subscription. Which level of support exactly?

- I have data on s3 encrypted with Server side encryption. S3A should provide seamless access to encrypted data: yes/no?

- I heard about an Amazon EMR customer using S3 (not local storage/hdfs) for an Hbase environment. I assume S3A will provide the same functionality with Hbase in HDP? No special sauce in EMR right?

- EC2 local disks have to be LUKS encrypted. That should not matter to cloudbreak/hdp right?




S3A on HDP 2.5 supports server side encryption.

  <description>Specify a server-side encryption algorithm for s3a: file system.
    Unset by default, and the only other currently allowable value is AES256.

One more thing: S3A doesn't handle R/W buckets with different ACLs attached to different parts of it, as the code expects to have write access to any R/W repo. You should restrict access by bucket, not by trying to use some kind of ACL within a bucket